Bone Health

Improving bone health is a bit more than taking calcium. Drinking milk, eating cheese and the like was once thought to provide calcium for healthy bones, but this simply isn’t true today! Calcium is important, but Vitamin D3, K2, Magnesium, Strontium and Boron are even more important. Testosterone and especially Progesterone are essential for strong, healthy bones in our 20’s through our 80’s. Healthy Thyroid function all the way to the cellular level needs to be checked regularly to keep calcium in the bone and not pulled out to make thyroid enzymes. Scientific studies are showing us that American’s wind up with Osteopenia & Osteoporosis later in life due to thyroid imbalance and a lack of nutrients essential for bone building. So take your vitamins! Drink lots of water, exercise moderately, and test for hormone & thyroid balance. Our testing is very affordable and does not require a doctors note.

What’s Normal?

So you go to the doctor because you have a concern, maybe many issues. You have some blood work done, and the lab values say everything is normal. But you still have symptoms, so what do you do? Maybe you have mood swings, aches & pains, sweating, _can’t sleep at night or your stomach really bothers you. _ ere are many connections between these issues and hormone levels. I know, all your labs came back normal! Normal is feeling good, not putting up with anything less. _ ere are answers out there! And you don’t have to look very far! We have charts that can help sort out the symptoms to build a systematic approach to resolving the problems and the symptoms. From there, we can help with testing and recommendations for medications, if needed.

Men’s Health

Guys usually don’t talk too much about their personal issues, I get that. Helping understand the causes and getting to the heart issues can lead to eliminating the problem. It’s doesn’t have to be embarrassing or complicated. We have simple testing and medications that have helped many men with low energy, large bellies, premature issues and ED. Skin care, weight loss, libido and insomnia can be addressed too. Whether you are looking for books to read or just want someone to help, we’ve got you covered. Everyone is a bit different so we customize your solutions for you.

Ladies ONLY!

Ladies often face a few challenges throughout their lives that can cause increased pain and irritation. You don’t have to live uncomfortably! Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, mood swings, irritability can all be helped with balancing hormones. There are a few estrogen products available commercially and sometimes the dose fits. When the dose needs to be somewhere in between what is commercially available, compounding can help. Some pills and vaginal creams are derived from horse urine or synthetics. These chemicals do not match a woman’s hormonal needs. Natural estrogens like Estradiol and Estriol can be compounded in a form that is easy to find the right dose. Often a cream, drop or oral capsule is prescribed. Vaginal dryness creams do not cost $150 HERE. If you have any of the above issues and would like more information and help, Come by! I have a lot of suggestions. See our updated seminar schedule too.

Scar Therapy!

New scar, Old scar, Surgical scar or stretch marks are o_ en benefit from our formulas! Infused with unique ingredients, our formulas give potential healing and soothing power, emolliency and mild penetration to allow for medicines to work deeper in the skin. _ ese compounds are rich with organic acids providing anti-oxidant, antibacterial & anti-fungal properties. Many have also found its benefits for psoriasis, skin spots, acne and rosacea. Not only have many found improvement in scar pigment intensity but also texture and smoothness of their scars.


Want to have beautiful toes free from yellow, thick, fungus filled nails? Have you tried everything but still battle the infection? And what about the copays for the commercially available prescriptions, WOW are they HIGH! We have made several formulas that can be painted on toes and fingers. More than 80% of our patients have reported seeing great results in just a few months, just in time for flip-flop weather. You deserve to have beautiful feet without all the mess. In just a few months, you should see your new, lovely nails begin to grow out just in time for fun in the sun. We can help with internal yeast and fungal issues as well with professional probiotics. Let us help you be a healthier you.

Perk Me Up!

Isn’t caffeine great? A little in the
morning maybe another boost in
the afternoon. But, do you have
a hard time “shutting it off” at
bedtime? What if you could feel
refreshed all day long and sleep
like a baby at night? These issues
are very common and have a
variety of issues behind them, but
there are great and easy answers!
Many times we are lacking a vitamin or two. Sometimes
it’s a matter of how we combine our foods or drinking
enough water. Getting your daily vegetables & fruits
is very important and we have a single packet that can
help! We have information sheets that explain why
certain vitamins help with vitality, energy, pain, thyroid,
detox as well as hormones and sleep. Sign up for our
vitamin club and receive great discounts of professional


The blues…sometimes its a bit
more than feeling down. Some
can’t get out of bed, others are
suicidal. What causes depression?
Many suffer silently and put on
a quick smile for others because
they feel like they should just
“handle it” & “everyone else is
dealing with life just fine.”
The chemical imbalances can be
due to a lack of nutrients that are key for the brain to
turn on the happy center. Prescription medications,
smoking, diabetes and a diet high in canned and
processed foods can contribute to the lack of nutrients
needed to feel happy. Many medications cause vitamin
deficiencies in the body!
Crazy, huh? We can help! Let’s look at your medication
list and see what you may need!
It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but good
vitamins will put you on a road to feeling better pretty

What is Inflammation?

And where does it come from!
Inflammation can happen literally
anywhere in the body through
chemical reactions. It happens when
we over use a muscle group or use a
muscle group for the first time in a long
time! Inflammation is what high blood pressure is. Diabetes,
high blood sugar, can cause inflammation as well. So can a
lack of nutrients from our diet and a lack of good bacteria in
the gut to absorb nutrients from food and vitamins. So what
can you do about it? Well you can take RX meds that help
sometimes or you can learn how to get rid of it! Our next
seminar is Wed, March 15 at 6:30 where we will talk about
genetic & environmental causes and solutions! Reserve
your seat ($20) before they are gone!

How’s your pain?

Do you wake up stiff and sore most mornings? Do you have the energy you want through out the day? Are you sleeping through the night, or do you wake up at that magical 3am hour? Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue or MS? Are you medications working or are you just living with it? Need help? We just might have some answers for you! We have seen many success stories with the use of a long-time prescription medication as well as a couple of OTC supplements. The best part is, the price of the medication won’t break the bank! Even people suffering with skin issues like psoriasis and eczema can be helped! We have pictures to prove it! Want more information…join us at our next seminar 3/15 at 6:30pm.We only have just a few seats remaining so reserve yours today ($20 fee). We will have a lot of information & handouts to help you on your wellness journey.