Pain Management & Wound Care



Professional Pain and Wound Management Treatment

Customized pain management regimes for your needs

Your chronic pain management doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. For Makers Compounding Pharmacy & Hallmark, your physical size, health symptoms, and pain tolerance are unique to your condition. The standardized dosages of commercially available medications may not be the appropriate strength for your situation. Call us today for a consultation with our pharmacist to start developing a pain management regime customized to your needs.

• Muscle aches and spasms
• Headaches and migraines
• Neuropathic pain
• Hospice care

Heal faster with personalized wound care treatments

Help yourself heal faster with our personalized wound care treatments. Whether you are recovering from a difficult surgery or are working to clear up an infection, our highly trained staff is here to prepare for you customized wound care medicines to aid in your healing. From fine-tuned dosages to convenient combined preparations, you can count on our compound pharmacy for dedicated and courteous service.

• Plantar Fasciitis
• Viral and bacterial infections
• Wound care
• Post-surgery care