Vets & Pets



Treat Your Pets Like Family with High-Quality Medications

Experienced staff provides sophisticated pet care

Makers Compounding Pharmacy & Hallmark gives your pets the sophisticated care you know they deserve. Our facilities are equipped to provide your animals with compassionate care and custom medications. Extra large, extra small and exotic animals pose unique challenges that our experienced staff is prepared to handle.

• Dogs
• Cats
• Horses
• Reptiles
• Birds
• Rabbits
• Ferrets
• Rodents

Delicious flavored medications for your pet’s palate

Stop struggling with your pet by turning their difficult-to-swallow pills and drops into delicious treats that they’ll love. Improve both the happiness and health of your pet by allowing our skilled compound pharmacist to work closely with your veterinarian.

• Customized blends and dosages
• Savory flavored medications
• Discontinued medication replications
• Cardiology and heart preparations
• Hypertension medications
• Otitis treatments
• Pet pain management
• Transdermal medications