Professional Services We Provide

Professional Supplements & Medical Foods

Private Consultation

  • Personal appointments to review symptoms, medications & health goals
  • Sessions are scheduled by appointment only.
  • $50/30 minutes

Seminars & Classes

  • Scheduled at 6:30pm the 3rd Wednesday of months of August through November & January through May.
  • Topics include:   Hormone imbalances, Thyroid, Stress, Inflammation, Weight Loss & Skin Care. Guest speakers and topics change from year to year.
  • $20 seat reservation is necessary


  • Saliva- Sex Steroid Hormones, Cortisol
  • Blood Spot- Thyroid, Sex Steroid Hormones, Cortisol, Vitamin D, PSA, Heavy Metals & Metabolic markers
  • Dry Urine- Neurotransmitters, Essential Nutrients, Cortisol, Heavy Metals, Hormone Metabolites
  • Cheek Swab- Genetic markers
  • Stool- Bacterial, Viral, Fungal & Protozoal growth, Immune Factors, pH, Celiac markers
  • Pricing depends on the lab and tests run.
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