Your Team

When a coach selects players for a team, each player comes with a different package of strengths. Some play better in specific positions than others. Those players are meant to communicate & share to make the team successful. This is the same in health care.
I so appreciate when a provider asks questions about what we do, how we help patients, and why our pharmacy is different from a big chain. I am so happy to share our customer service model, which is like our business motto. We make medications with YOU in mind!
Pharmacists have a different type of training than dentists, doctors, naturopaths, physical therapists, nutritionists, and nurses, but when this TEAM works together with YOU in mind, YOUR health improves.
I respect each physician, dentist, PT, ARNP has a different approach to healthcare. What I respect even more are those practitioners who embrace the team approach to improve patient outcomes. I hear from patients every day who appreciate knowing their team is working together so they can feel better! GO TEAM!
-Michelle Moser, RPh, Owner of Makers Compounding Pharmacy